A “Bird’s Eye View” of the Zika Action Plan Summit

This past Friday, on April 1, 2016, the CDC hosted a Zika Action Plan Summit at its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. With representation from tribal, local, and state officials among other stakeholders in public health, speakers and panelists worked to equip officials with the tools to address the Zika outbreak, update the public on the latest Zika virus information, and create an opportunity for collaboration and discussion.

As the day progressed some clear themes arose. Speakers emphasized the importance of sustainable mosquito control programs, requiring greater collaboration between diverse groups at the local and state level who do not normally interact. Also, the need for significant federal emergency response funding was brought up numerous times. Participants and speakers alike highlighted the importance funding for research and ensuring access to the maternal health resources.

The event, with the hashtag #ZikaSummit, became a trending Twitter topic in the US on Friday as over 300 attendees participated in Atlanta, and 2,500 viewers tuned in remotely. For a unique perspective on the summit, we’ve compiled a series of tweets by participants and observers.